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I came up with the main riff to this and started working on putting it into a song. I don't want to repeat said riff for the rest of the song at this point, since it's already pretty monotonous with it, or come up with more stuff to put in between repeats. If anyone wants to take it and mess with it, feel free, but I've got dibs on recording the final version and putting it on an album. :P I'll give credit where it's due if and when that time comes, have no fear.

Anyway, the reason I turned to the forum is because I don't have any idea where to take it from where it's stopped right now. As of this posting, it's just one guitar part, so if anyone wants to try adding bass/drum/second guitar parts, that'd be nice. I'll still work on my own parts for them, but if someone else's is just plain better, than I'll put theirs in the final version. I won't accept lyrics, however. I'm picky when it comes to subject matter.

Also, TuxGuitar doesn't have a 'let ring' option, so I had to tie notes in order to get what I was looking for.

On a less important note, what anal sub-genre would this be classified as? I'm thinking blackened death metal, because it reminds me of a lot of what Behemoth did on Evangelion, with the arpeggiated minor chords. I don't know.

Thanks in advance for all comments.
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this is incredibly brutal and very thoughtfull. i like your use of chords. maybe work on the arangemtn abit. its sorta liniar