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You never linked me to anything to crit; I just assumed you were either returning a crit, or just being nice.

Haha didn't I? Must have forgot, well feel free to crit the 2 links in my sig, if not class it as me being nice. I'll crit this when I have the time.
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Sounds like a energetic upbeat angst anthem, although a little unimaginative at times. Something that you might want to work on is the bridge; boring and stale considering it's a follow up to the chorus and goes into another chorus. 32 bars of the same progression with only a slight variation on the rhythm and even with vocals; is boring.

Nevertheless, good song! 7/10

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Not to be an ass, but I generally thought post-punk generally had more to do The Smith's and Killing Joke. It's like a more toned down punk with The Door's style of psychedelia.
But I digress.

Regardless of genre, this style is just not to my liking. It's very straightforward to the point of being really predictable.
I thought that my piece (cloom_slithe) went way too far with it's vamps, so something is rigidly set in it's ways will not hold my interest.

This song does have it's moments, which I think would benefit from being recorded or at least given RSE/mp3 tone treatment. This generally applies to the chorus, which needs just a bit more oomph.
Do you generally write songs that are very restrained and more structurally focused? You do well in that aspect, which isn't going to draw me in very much.
This all about personal preference. Don't take it as an attack on your writing style.
If anything, this seems like it is more vocally driven, as opposed to being carried by the instruments.

I agree with Glasroy on his point that 32 bars with minute changes gets bland quickly.

Overall, a consistent piece. Just isn't for me.
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It's not my style, but it kept me listening to it right through to the end with the second part of the chorus riff being the main highlight to me.
I do agree with the guy above that it didn't seem very post-punky to me, but that's neither here nor there tbh.
I enjoyed it and I can see some improvement from a couple of your things I listened to a couple of months back, so good going

I'll post a C4C link here when I get mine uploaded

here it is
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