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So I've been interested in seeing some different local bands that haven't quite gone anywhere yet, but have a whole lot of potential to be great. I'd rather not you try to pimp out your own band; this is more for local bands that you absolutely adore.

I'll start off:

Band of a dude I met over spring break. Not local for me, but still very local. The band is called Metaharmony, and they're out of Canda. They're kinda alternative reggae rock (think Sublime). They've only got one really good track up, but it's absolutely incredible feel to it.

Check out GOATZ.

Also, pimping out my friend's band, Kids These Days, out of Nashville, Tennessee. They draw from a lot of genres, everywhere from blues to metal to pop to straight up rock. They put on a sickass live show; all of the guys in the band are incredible players and can improv like hell, and their lead guy has an incredible energy on stage.

Check out the top Committed to Myself.

Finally, another one of my friend's bands. This one is about the rawest form of crazy ass experimental punk-core you've ever seen. All of the members in the band are absolutely incredible musicians, but their music is really an acquired taste. They're called Gnarwhal, and they're out of Nashville, TN.

Check out this:

You guys got anything good?
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Dude, Holy ****. Sledgehammer is ****ing amazing... Wtf? And yes, that reggae band does have a very good song
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There's this one man project in my town, called Sumdeus. They're super amazing, I think they should totally get a record deal
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Cool thread!

These guys played a show with a band I was in couple years back. They were really good live, and think it's pretty catchy stuff. Singer isn't the greatest, but had a ton of energy. Not sure if they're still playing though....

This is my friend's band Autumn Above. All acoustic prog rock band, with dual lead singers...skydiver's a good track:
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