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I just created this song which seems to be Melodeth but has some Metal core parts to it. I don't know what to put for bass due to some guitar harmonies in the songs. What would i put for bass there? Any Suggestions? Also I am not the best drum parts writing person so any help there, too please.
Melodic metal song.gp5
Melodic metal song.mid
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A) Learn to Harmonise
B) If your going to mix Triplet Timing With Regular timing dont do it the way you did it.
C) I hate the song
D) You will get better
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Doesn't sound heavy enough for Metalcore/melodeth, and the mixing of tuplets and normal notes doesn't work so well.

Also, fourths don't work too swell in metal, thirds or octaves would work best.
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Everything that was said above + get some help with writing drums.