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I don't listen to much punky stuff, so this might all be a bit vague.
Alot of it sounds the same to me, but stuff like this has more emphasis on the vocals than the instrumentation. Overall, nothing memorable. But that dosen't mean it was bad. It was good, it's just one of those songs that needs vocals to work. Overall, 7/10
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its really generic, and to be honest you really really need to spice it up. the drums change every once in a while, and its a pretty orthadox beat to begin with. change the cymbals round lots, make some new guitar riffs instead of that droning beginning one. its good for the first 10 seconds, then gets boring. the chorus is far too similar, and not in a good way.

3/10, but thats being harsh and picky. i think it may sound better with lyrics, so add a varying vocal track with like an oboe or something XD.

rant over, if u wanna C4C check out my "In Spite Of What She Said", here
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Quote by 13thCrucifix
its really generic

Funny coming from you.
It seems like your just bashing both extremes of the music spectrum for attention. You always, always plug your songs in without giving much a crit. And it's always negative. I'm onto you.

EDIT: Herby, this isn't my style of song, so I don't think my crits could help you much.
Regardless, I'll give it a shot.

Intro reminds me of Bloc Party. I'm not sure if that was your intention.

The verse(s) don't have much change in them, but for what they are, they work. The chorus was a bit more moving, but it still felt really rigid.

Outro made a bit of a splash, but it still felt kinda restrained.

The lack of variety makes it difficult for me to listen to, although I do like plenty of indie styled bands. I just think that GP and midi don't do this type of song justice.

It's good to see straightforward songs on here, but with same tweaks here and there, you could really push into higher territory. Just because of these songs, I'm thinking of writing in a much more streamlined approach.
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