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tell me if i should add any instrument, remove a section, how to improve some part, if you liked a lot certain section tell me

just tell me everything

and remember, C4C
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Seccion 2 is the only part I don't like. The rest is fine, except seccion 8, which is slightly weird. I'm not sure if it's good or bad weird, though.

Nice work, man
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For the change in feel in Section 2, the note choice is far too major. Also in Bar 10, call me crazy but it sounds like it's in a noticeably different key than what came before it...

Section 3's standard thrash; rather boring. Section's 4's bass sounds too major again for what's happening under it. Don't really like the solo at all.

Most of the song is the main riff or a goofy-sounding passage. Don't like much of any of it. Only the opening riff really stood out to me and it didn't sound anything like the rest of the song.

I'd give this a 2-3/10 to be honest. Definitely has no power as an instrumental and it sounds just plain quirky in a nasty way.

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Good song man.

Intro was simple but nice sounding. Good start.

Next riff was good. Liked it.

Riff at measure 26 was very good. Liked it a lot and the bass was good( Bass was good throughout)

The bass break was cool. Very 'groovy'.

Acoustic chord part was a nice change. Added something different.

Some not bad solos from then on.

Good song overall. I'd give it an 8/10.

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