i know this a stupid question but i accidentally unplugged my reverb unit in my marshall avt50 combo amp. i didnt take notice to which color was the input (red or white) now im stuck guessing which color is the input and output of the reverb unit

does anyone know which color is input and output?
plug which ever it is.. nothing may go wrong i think... lol... disclaimer: note how author notes the THINK thing here as showing that this is just an idea and that he carries no response

however contact the Marshal service and theyll be glad to help i believe.
if no and if nobody here knows you can just go to a local store and see which one goes where... :p
Just check the Marshall support site. I'm sure they'll have some info on it.
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nope both plugs are the same shape just different colors

P.S. I emailed marshall support and waiting for their response
Theres usually a red one and a white one, but otherwise just plug it in and see if it works... if not try the other way round =P
pics may help... You may want to call them too, it may be quicker than e-mail.


yeah marshall still hasn't responded and i cant find a phone line on there website

does anyone have a avt50 who would be willing to check?
I got the email from marshall and they said the white plug was the input and the red plug was the output in case anyone else was wondering
I would've thought the opposite.
Red is usually Positive... Actually, wait. My theory makes no sense...
Negative usually is black or white, red is usually portrayed as positive. Current flows from negative to positive. Makes sense.
..I was watching my death.