Hi, i have started a band and i want to start recording guitar. I have decided to buy this http://www.guitarcenter.com/-i1126366.gc and i need to know what i need in order to start using it. Do you just connect the usb to the computer and the guitar to the guitar input? Or do you need to mess with the Analog outputs, Line Inputs and Monitor in? IF not, would someone explain to me what these are used for?
What you need to use it:

One (1) guitar
One (1) instrument cable
One (1) computer with a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
the sound card is the toneport, so its just plug and play. Most recording programs like audacity or reaper recognise it automatically. Good choice by the way for the price toneports have got excellent sounds and are very easy to use.
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But what are Analog outs, Monitor in and Line inputs?

Did you read the manual that came with it? These are really only used for external hardware that you just dont need to worry about at this point if your doing direct in recording.

All you need is:

guitar>toneport>computer (using which ever program came with said toneport)
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the inputs are for a cd player, mixer, drum machine, sampler, computer, etc.

the analog outs are for going to a mixer or PA

there are many configurations to make this I/O's work. i recommend consulting an owner's manual, they should have a few suggestions.
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