Ok, I've been playing bass (not very seriously, btw) for almost three years now, and I've been doing more in-depth guitar studies for about a year and a half, but I'd like a few personal amp questions resolved.

Background Info:
I was thinking about a 65 watt Fender Frontman new for $200 because it has dual jacks and a pretty brilliant tone, but i have a friend who may sell me his Line 6 Spider jam 75w, but we haven't decided on a price. he just got a marshall head with a crate cab for free, so i'm trying to get it while he's got that new gear high. i prefer the spider because it has a microphone jack and more effects, but the fender has better tone, matches up with my preferred strat, and even seemed louder even with a 10w difference. my band hasnt decided on a genre yet, but it's most likely going to range from alternative/grunge to death metal, so that makes the line 6 a better choice. So my questions are:

1. Frontman vs Spider?

2. What's a good wattage for a transition from practice amps to small gig amps?

3. How often do the venues of small gigs/clubs have a PA system? (Everyone i've been to has one, but only a few mics for it)

4. How much should i ask for the spider?

Thanks guys, I appreciate any help.
I've never heard the Frontman's tone described as "brilliant" before. It does have a decent clean channel and it does take external pedals fairly well, but the drive is horrendous!

The Spider is an okay practice amp but it sounds pretty crappy for use outside of general practicing and they are notorious for having reliability issues.

At the end of the day you really shouldn't get either of them if you're looking for an amp to use in a band situation.

What's your budget?
Are you willing to buy used?
What styles do you play? (name some bands)
What other gear do you have?

As far as the PAs are concerned - where I live no bar or club has its own PA. If you want to play anywhere around here you have to have your own PA system and run your own sound or pay a sound man to bring a PA and run the sound board for you.
I have the fender 100w version and the drive isn't horrendous, just really noisy. Its quite a versatile amp actually, esecially for the price.
my budget is basically 200 flat, but i've been looking at a used 100w frontman for 263 and im digging it. fyi, i've been using a bass amp up until now so anything would be great.

im iff-y on the used part, because if it breaks down the frontman has a 5-year warranty.

i guess we base ourselves off of Nirvana and other grunge bands, but we play some strange mainstream stuff that we **** around with, and then i guess protest the hero, between the buried and me and carnifex on the heavier end.

i have to use a 20w Peavey bass amp at the moment because my old amp got stolen, which i think was a vox. i also have an epiphone SG, an epiphone les paul jr (piece of crap), epiphone 315 dot, a squier tele, a squier bullet hss (which actually sounds better than the 180$ beginner strats), (Bass equip.) an epiphone thunderbird, a dean metalman, a peavey bass (pawn shop, so i have no clue)

i'd be willing to buy used as long as i knew it wouldnt break down the second month.

i know this seems like a dumb question, but if you plug a mic with a male to 1/4" instrument converter into an amp, will it work on a different channel as the guitar or do you have to play clean always? also, if anybody sings vocals, what would you use as a main unit for amplification?
i'm only 16 btw, and not sure if i'll have a job in the near future, so money is tight.

and the gear above is shared between me and my bandmate other than his amps.
with only 200 bucks to spend, going used may be your worst option. things at the 200 usd price range are horrendous for trying to gig live.

i would find a used guitar store with some amps and trade in a couple of those guitars and 200 bucks for a playable amp. solid state(SS) amps won't be loud enough for a good gigging volume til about ~100 watts, a 30 to 50 watt tube amp should be more appropriate for such applications (given the volume needed to be heard in a live mix and how those amps will sound at those volumes). there are affordable options out there, a guitar shop had a 500 dollar, 40 watt trayner last week. i have a numerous amps 500 usd amps that are very gigable, but for 200 bucks are not going to really be able to approach amps that most people would consider gig-worthy.

for 200 usd i'd almost recommend a digital multi effects with cab emulator and plugging into a house PA.

i would like to express that this advice considers live playing exclusively, a 5 watt tube amp is plenty loud enough to hear at home, a 15 watt can make it with most drummers for practicing, but for live i'd recommend 30-50 watts for tube amps. double those numbers for SS amps.
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