Hello Bass forum
im gonna get right to the point
im new to the music scene and i live in egypt where everyone plays guitar and bass players are so rare to find
i started out on the guitar and i love it and it feels right i also sing but my voice is kinda shitty
so im in a band and we dont have a bassist and 3 guitarists including me & i also sing
so my band have been suggesting that i try out a bass and see if i like it since im the noobest guitar player and they are like super ultra nitro shred masters
so i went to the local music shop and i tried out the four stringed beast and it felt awesome
the growl was just orgasmic it probably felt more right than the guitar, so now im into bass but i don't wanna quit playing guitar but i defiantly wanna quit singing, so is it possible to be a master shredder on the guitar and still be an awesome bassist
also playing bass will open the doors for me to many amateur bands since bassists are so hard to find in egypt

also a followup question
why in live concerts and most music mp3's the bass isnt as obvious as a rhythm guitar or the drums for instance?

thanx for all the good people fer helping me out in advance
With mp3s, it's because music is compressed and your equipment probably isn't that good. At live concerts it'll be the mix.

Get yourself into a hifi store with your favourite CD and listen to it through something high end, and you'll notice things you may not have before- like the bass.
I play both Guitar and Bass, so I don't see why you couldn't be able to. All you have to do is find time to play both, so if you play 2 hours a day, play one hour bass, and one for guitar.
To be honest I rarely pick up a bass but I'm pretty good because guitar skills transfer to bass pretty well, I'm not saying if your a good guitarist your gonna be les claypool but you will definately be servicable. And saying that bass is a rythym instrument for the most part, thats really all you need to be to get in to bands.
For the guitar to bass transfer and such, use the searchbar, there are numerous, lengthy threads that have all the advice you'll need.
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Spector and Markbass
thanx for all your help
and @tostitos if u can get me some links id be really grateful cuz i cant find any threads