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i just made this up so let me know what you think

Edit:here is an update
thrash type song.gp5
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thrash indeed. sounded abit pantera to me if that's what you were goin for. especially loved when the eighth note riff begun. Sounded like "a mouth for war by pantera"I love that kind of thrash. reminded me of Exodus.

the solo really didn't do anything for me. needs work.

pretty standard riffage. but work on the solo
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I've checked up your stuff, I'd say - it's not bad, really sounds like Exodus mid-tempo. But - why it's so short? You definitely must to add some speedy riffs and one more solo. I'd give it 6/10. Stay true!
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thanks for the comment.its short because i'm still working on it :p
i plan on adding another solo to it as the main solo,the one i have in there now
is just a small on for the biggining.
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i like the note combination, but i would adjust it just a little bit, like so
and of course palm mute all the open e's
or maybe something like this, with inverted chords
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