I have a Line 6 UX2. Old version (red).

Just done some recording, and the second XLR input seems to be dead. I recorded something, with my vocal mic in the second input, guitar in the first. All I got was guitar mic. Switched it around, same problem but only vocals.

So, I'm guessing my second input is dead? Weird thing is, this only happens when recording. I use Gearbox, stuff that the interface came with, and both inputs work fine, I can hear them. In Reaper, I'm pretty sure they both move the level meter, as in there defo is a signal. It's just on playback the second input doesn't get heard..

Any ideas?
See if the audio source in gearbox is the one you want to use or re-install the whole thing, it may work.
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Audio source in GB is mic 1 and 2. Hence why I can hear it through my phones.

I think the problem is in Reaper, maybe haven't selected the right inputs or something?
^it has to be

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Ah, that's good. Out of everything that's the best thing that could have gone wrong, just wanted to check.

I'll have a look later on, thanks.