Yesterday I was a bit bored in my basement playing keyboard, when I noticed my sister's old kareoke machine sitting on an old dresser. I saw it had a 1/4 inch input (intended for a michrophone) so I grabbed my guitar, plugged it in, and cranked it up. It didnt get too loud, but at max volume it produced a very nice, full, smooth distortion. It has a 3-inch speaker with 2 1-inch tweeters and runs at 26 watts (although the manual said it only has a 2 watt output) and it even has an "echo" feature so I can suck a little reverb out of it. So is there any reason why this sounds so good?
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I could send my friend's Yamaha PA into clipping with my Tonelab's output turned up. Sounded really nasty, I bet Jack White would've liked it.
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It's also a case of sometimes you get bored with your gear and can get fooled into finding odd tones sexy.
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Experimenting for the win! I have a small sing along amp, I tried it just now. Sounds very narrow, probably could be miles better with an EQ.
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