Hey! My first post here!
Just a quick question. I'm playing on a Les paul and during the song Hearts Burst Into Fire, my left hand always seem to ache during the verses... It's just that one song.. Does anybody else feel the same when played on a les paul? :S
it'll be the song man, its quite a stress for your wrists, but you'll strengthen them
just keep playing it man
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The same thing happened to me on my guitar, and on a friend's. I think it's because it's a bar chord type riff; and you might just need to get used to the stretch a little more.
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if you think that song hurts try walking the demon,, strings like a bitch at first. But as with all guitar thigns after some playing your fingures will get stronger and you will then be able to play it wihtout any troubles, if its the bar chords that are hurting just keep on practising and your fingers will get stronger.
Okay..i pretty much had the same..and yes it is because of the big bar stretch your hand needs to do..keep on playing, don't give a ****
Have a rest in between..you will get used to it soon..
And try waking the demon
That makes your hand feels like hell..but well...I can play the solo!!!! :P
I can play waking the demon , with the downpicking and the solo.. hehe :P doesnt hurt really.. just get tired in my picking hand