k, here's my situation. im starting to get to the stage where i can begin practising pretty much anything on guitar, but sometimes i get caught in a rutt what to do. i printed off some solos and riffs from some of my favortie songs today, and i have several exercises i do everyday, so i practise them. however, is there a method any of you guys have which makes it so that there's always something you know instantly to practise, and, mainly, how to keep it fun?
my way isnt always the funnest, but it ends up being extremely fun. Just to sit and run scales/positions, using your imagination and allowing it to build. after a while, you will forget about where to go, and it will naturally happen. Id say memorize the scales and play them until your fingers remember them too. thats one way :>
good times


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when you just get tired of all the effects and riffs.

make a playlist or something

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One thing that I think is always really fun is writing your own songs. That way you'll be able to make it as fun to play as you want, and you'll also have fun learning to do new things, like writing lyrics, or new instruments to add to your songs.

Another thing that keeps playing guitar fun is when you start learning a different genre, because every genre has different things to learn that keep it interesting. mabey try blues, I started learning that reently and it is really fun to improvise too.
Writing songs is cool and what I usually do as well is just play along to some of my favourite songs. Quite often I would find a cool riff/progression that I can add to my repertoire.