I Have a vintage (1965) Silvertone. I dont know the exact model but its kind of Jazzmaster shaped. It is a balck color. It only has some minor wear (some little chips and dings). The only significant damage is a large section of the neck where it looke like it has been sanded to wood and two of the 4 knobs are missing. Could you please post what you would pay for this guitar?

I can't get pictures on right now but I found a video on Youtube of somone playing the same exact type as mine, its not mine but thats what it looks like.

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Almost all Silvertone/Teisco/Harmony guitars aren't worth much unless they're a rare and unique model. Even then they're not worth a lot either. I've got a '65 Silvertone as well that was equipped with Gibson P90's at some point in it's life, it's shaped similar to a Strat and has a very weird tremolo. Without seeing pictures it's hard to put a price on it, but you're looking at no more than $80. You'd be damn lucky to get that price too.

The problem with these guitars are that only beginners or collectors of Silvertone instruments would want it. Or possibly an older person that had one when they were younger. They're not hot items like a vintage Fender or Gibson and they're not spectacular guitars that a working musician would be interested in. They're still solid practice guitars though, personally I would keep it
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