Hey guys,

This is not a question, but a discovery on my part and a discussion, i would like your thoughts on this, some of it may be common sense (which i lack). Also handy for info for the neewbs.

I was having trouble getting a good sound out of my gear/guitar recently trying to copy this song by a band who were in a heavy lower tuning. I realise that i would need thicker strings to detune to sound more like them etc, and the right gear, but i was messing around playing along in the same key but standard tuning. I don't know much about production, but i thought this sounds SHITE... surely it can't be all my gear.... My guitar sounds so "tight".

Then i remember that a lot of these lower tuned bands are not just lower tuned, they don't keep the same ratio of tension as they detune, so they have less tension and slacker strings as well, which creates a sound of its own. I like a lot of heavy stuff, and part of that obviously involves detuning the guitar. But i reckon this is something that is overlooked: the relation of detuning, production, and the tension of the strings.

I really didn't want to have to change strings to get a sound like theres, and i didn't. After that epiphany, i slacked the standard strings a couple of half steps, and pitch-shifted the song i was trying to copy to match the new tuning. Things sounded much closer now without even changing strings or feeling i had to buy any new gear success.
i dont get it, did you keep your guitar in a tuning that was higher or lower than the band's?

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so now your playing in the same tuning as the band youre trying to play as?
I have standard strings, and was in standard tuning. Standard strings + standard tuning = standard TENSION. And standard tension has a unique sound of its own.

The band is detuned several steps at least from standard, so they would be using heavier strings, but the point is about the tension. A lot of the heavy/underground metal sound is created (in my opinion) with a bit of slack tension ontop of the detuning.

So i just slacked the strings down a couple half steps to get that slacker sound, and then played the thing in the relevant key.
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