I'm currently looking for a secondary axe to my Ibanez. I want this guitar to be great for rock and alt metal ie: Breaking Benjamin, Shaman's Harvest, Red. I play out of a Mesa Dual Caliber 5 with a GT-10. Price range is $500-$700. Medium neck and 24 frets preferred. Kind of trying to avoid another locking trem but not completely opposing the idea

The guitar i've had my eye on is the PRS SE cu24. I got a chance to play this one at the local GC and quite frankly i dont understand the hate on SE's it played amazing and sounded great (out performed some schecters and LTDs i tried too) and for a bit I had my mind set on it. But i was wondering about any other suggestion you guys could toss me. I was actually interested in a mockingbird (only BC rich i'd touch) but i've never seen one around here let alone play one. So gimme some other idea's before i sell on this model.
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BC Rich isn't as good as it used to be in my opinion. I've played a few 80s Rich's and they're fine, however the newer ones can't really compare to what they used to be...

I find the the PRS is a tad overpriced. I know I'm going to sound silly but I suggest saving up for a more versatile instrument later on. With $500-$700 there isn't much out there worth buying..perhaps save up your money now and later on you'll be able to get something really nice.

This is coming from a guy who's spent a year saving up and is finally putting a down payment on a Musicman JP6
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