Hiding and whimpering
Your footsteps echoing
back and forth
back and forth

Creaking and getting closer
flowing with anger coming ever
closer and closer
closer and closer

a suffering childhood
Constantly misunderstood
Leaping from frame to frame
Hiding from the spotlight

I know you can feel this
Breathe in the anguish
And let it distillate

With every other urge
Comes a momentary relapse
Flashback to remember the pain
Feel it take control again

As you start to feel this
Breathe in the sympathy
And let it disappear

Its easy to succumb to vengeance
Human nature seeks closure
When you’re scarred
And desensitized
getting ever closer

So die now my child
Die now my friend
Don't tell me you've done nothing wrong
they pushed me too far over the edge

To react to terrified expressions
Or the struggling retalliations
Only gods judging me
But i don't feel any empathy

As i start to feel this
Breathe in this moment
Relive this moment
Bring back this moment
And let it dissapear

wake up from this taunting past
to realise just what i've become
its too late now to turn back
this nightmare has just begun

all over again
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