I didn't really know where to put this thread, so if this is in the wrong thread tell me where to go.

I have a band camp that I am going to in the summer (Camp Jam), and I need to know which guitar I should bring. I can't switch guitars because it is a two hour drive to this place, and it is an overnight camp.

I have an ESP LTD EC-256 electric guitar. I use this mainly to get a good tone, I can't play too fast on this guitar.

I also have an Ibanez RG770DX electric. I use this guitar if I need/want to play fast, or play Satch-style music (it has a whammy bar). The tone on this is about average.

So which one should I bring to camp?
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you can play everything you know on it, has the trem and added tuning stability.

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yup take the ibanez, you might as well have a tremolo, who cares about the tone if its at a band camp?
As much as i hate to say it, bring the ibanez. Tone is usually not main concern at band camps
yea i would take the ibanez unless for some reason the people at the camp play in dropped tunings in which case i would take the esp. i don't like tuning guitars with a trem because it takes so much time unless you do it regularly.

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