Just as the title suggests, this song has no home. With no definitive starting point, idk where it should go.
It has semi-groove metal riffs, a bit of death here and there, and loads of post-hardcore malarky. The melodies are alien, the rhythms weird, and structure is choppy.
I want to know if it's worth RMing, take it in one consistent direction, stay the course, or exploded in all directions simultaneously. More atmosphere or less? Less fill orientated drums or more?
Lost isn't giving any me answers, so I hope the lot ya will be more cooperative.

C4C of course.

EDIT: Forget to mention that the section from measures 125-182 is extraneous, incomplete bullshit. You can skip over it if you like to.
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I like some of the riffs, its messy but you could pull a song or two out of it.
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The intro was ok in its overall form but it just sounded a bit messy to my ears mainly because of the drums. I felt the drums were a bit too much. I think you should simplify it a bit to make the intro a bit more musical to the ears. Bar 9 just sounded too messy and chaotic, to be honest. I loved the verse riff a lot, just take out the last part of bar 20,22, 24 triplet parts and it's good. I didn't like the "ass blasting" part. It just didn't sit well with mel. The "terror in the form" is probably my favorite part of the song. It's just amazing and eerie at the same time. Please, do not change anything about this part. The drums were finally simple and sensible. The "wormhole" part is an amazing follow up to an amazing part of the the song. I just love the solo you put in there. It has a kind of JazzDeath rhythm to it but at the same time, a signature huevos spin to it. Love the stop at 84. The pre-verse is probably better than the actual verse, in my opinion. It's more heavy and slower which is a plus. Plus, the stoppy-ness to it works really well. Overall, amazing song you got here.
I think I'll streamline the 1st 3 riffs alot more, or just turn them into 1.5-2 riffs, and keep everything else. I know what your talking about in the ass-blasting part; I wanted something zany like It's Always Sunny in Philly with a death metal tremolo riff.

That's the kind of input I was looking for there.
im into it. i do however have afew complians. first one being thats its very disonant. second being its abit too fast at points
I started listening to it and my first reaction was a quickly followed by a .
I then went to wash some dishes and realised I was still humming it.
So I cam back an listened to it again, and I've decided that I quite like it. The Ewok bit sounded bad tbh, the timing was weird and the note choice made me cringe, I didn't like that bit at all. The wromhole bit followed by the pre-verse was easily my favourite bit, it just flowed, was weird and it just worked really well. I'd be very interested to hear an actual recording of this or even if you split it into 2 or maybe even 3 different songs, that might work too.
Yeah, weird, interesting and more than a little bit cool.


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i really like bar 125 man its eerie but emotional in a way this type of song just needs a little work to turn into an epic masterpiece or a little more work to cut into 2 songs that are great