So I'm having a guitar built, with 2 EMG active pickups. I'm ordering the pickups, and I need to know what potentiometers to go with them. The website recommends this : http://www.guitarcenter.com/DiMarzio-250K-Custom-Taper-Split-Shaft-Pot-364665-i1130467.gc I don't know a whole lot about this kind of stuff, so I figure I'd ask if you all knew of anything better or what I should do.

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whilst the pots that come with the emg's are not the worlds best they do a very good job

who makes better 25k pots?
bournes, clarostat, CTS, Ohmite (if they are even still around)

According to one UGer here, CTS's quality might not be what it used to. He had a batch of 200 pots (iirc) and most had defective tapers.

Anyway, the point is that Alpha is pretty much generic, though everyone here says Alpha and CTS are the go-to pots. Alpha is just plain cheap.