So my strings are getting old and I need to restring my guitar. I was wondering which strings you would suggest. I play mostly in E standard and Drop D if that helps.

p.s. I've already gone through D'addarios and Elixirs. They're both good brands(even though i prefer elixir slightly more though) but i was looking for something with more tone, sustain, versatility, comfort etc.

Ernie Ball Slinkies or GHS Boomers are the only ones I use.
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ernie ball regular slinkys are miles better than d'addario xl strings in my opinion, last longer, sound better and feel more comfortable even though they've been on for a long time, and had periods of no use
Thanks I'll try a set of Ernie Ball's. And also are Dean Markley vintage reissue strings (or something like that) any good because there's some sale going on for 10 packs for 20 bucks and I thought this was too good to be true.