yeah so theres a girl...and i didnt really think i liked her, infact i didnt like her but we talked a lot and then she started appearing in my dreams and i dream about her a lot so the onyl explanation is that i love her. we became good friends and we talk all the time in science and english, she is always telling me things and talking to me and joking with me and sometimes she gets me kinda stressed out and gives me headaches. i know she doesnt think about me the same way because she isnt into guys like me but should i ask her out or tell her? but is there anyway i can make her like me in that way? i really dont want to though because i know she doesnt feel that way about me and i will just go and ruin our friendship. she has blonde hair, a belly button ring, a nose ring, and small gages in her ears. she is a few years older than me but she is half my height.