Hi guys i'm looking for a versatile tube amp which isn't too expensive that can handle some really beefy low end hardcore like Throwdown, The Banner and Terror and also have a nice blues sound and just a half decent clean will do, does not have to be Fender quality of course. I was looking at maybe the Peavey Valve King 212 or something of that nature. Any help would be great thank you.
The Valveking 212 can do most of what you want but won't be the best for hardcore. The speakers are kind of crappy so that leaves you with two speakers to upgrade. I'd look at the Peavey 6505+112 combo, Vypyr 60 combo or possibly the Egnater Tweaker.

also look used...
Spider Valve MKII 112 or 212 combo.

try it before you bash it.

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Fender SuperSonic.

I actually agree with this.

With the gain turned, the Fender SuperSonic is a great shred/metal amp, as well as getting blues tones. The cleans are great as well.
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Yeah thanks guys. I like the look of the Fender Supersonic at the moment but i might have to get down to the music shop and check them all out. Thanks again for the help
The VK is a great amp after a speaker upgrade. Give it a try in class A mode. Very juicy distortion and the cleans are excellent. I have a few clips of it if you want to hear it.