hey there

so, last month i was sitting around with a couple of friends trying out some effects on guitar-rig, when i came across Crystalize. It's a beautiful beautiful effect that seemed to give every single note incredible depth & meaning with delays, off-shooting harmonies and some other things i can't quite wrap my head round yet.

After a few minutes of me playing around with the effect, one of my friends moved over to the computer and clicked Record...and this song happened


I'm sorry if this seems like shameless self-promotion, given it's my first post...but this is the first song i've ever made. It's a big moment for me!

it was played in drop C and with a 50 pence piece because i couldn't find a plectrum at the time, i figure that contributed quite a bit to the whole sound.

It recorded pretty quietly which is a shame but it is what it is I recommend headphones for the full experience.

thanks for listening, feedback would be soooo sooo gratefully appreciated!

there's a download link for the FLAC copy

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That was really interesting to listen to. I'm not sure exactly what to make of it, but it strikes me as a mix of the music from the movies "There Will Be Blood" and "2001:"

Really strange at times, but at other times it seemed to really make perfect sense. I think its lengthy for what it is, but for your first effort I it's very cool. If you could condense the whole thing into a certain theme, it would probably work well as an intro to a track.

Good luck on your future projects!