so all, I couldn't be bothered to take pics of my new chorus or write a review, so the NPD thread is coming tomorrow. Till then, you'll have to fucking wait


I did wanna tell you all I'd got it... so, what settings would you suggest I use on the loop?

I have
series/parallel button
level button (hi or lo)
and a knob (effects mix in parallel, effects level in series)

I've been having trouble - it seems to be slightly distorting the bottom strings and lower frequency notes. Any ideas? It does kick in with a bit of a volume boost if that might affect it.

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pl0x help!
if your new pedal has a Mix knob on it then i would just have the loop set to series, as the parallel mix knob would just be a redundancy of the one on the pedal
chorus pedals tend to have a bit of a volume drop when turned on so maybe just boost it so it is the same volume as off. maybe more if you want a solo boost/hot chorus effect.

edit: happy Early NPD

edit deux: if youre having a flabby bass with the pedal, then i would turn the level down until it clears up. thats just the bass clipping in the circuit. there should be a sweet spot with no (or a very small) volume drop, and clear as a bell
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