Poll: Best Action-Adventure Film/Franchise?
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1 5%
1 5%
Die Hard
0 0%
Indiana Jones
1 5%
James Bond
4 18%
Kill Bill
1 5%
0 0%
Star Wars
9 41%
1 5%
*other* (state in thread)
4 18%
Voters: 22.
Spawned by the now-locked "Terminator or Die Hard" thread. Just now taken into a greater scale. You can take into account each respective film franchise as a whole; or, you can consider only its best films. Whatever, just vote on the poll the best you can.

This was supposed to be primarily for action films only, but there are a lot of classic films that blur the line b/w action and adventure so I put them together anyway.

Note that each option in the poll is inclusive of all films by that franchise... so Star Wars includes all six films... Batman includes the old films and the Nolan films... etc etc.
How did you leave off LOTR?


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How did you leave off LOTR?

I'd say that's more fantasy than action
Lethal Weapon
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even though the third and fourth ones let it down the first two Terminators are enough to get my vote.

I haven't seen Oceans 12 but the other two are prettty awesome IMO. I like pretty much all the series on that list though

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