That's very unfortunate. Rock lost an icon today.
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It's way too sunny and warm here today to listen to black metal, I shall bookmark it and come back when the weather is worse.
Truely a sad day. I unfortunatly never got the chance to see him live. His music will live on and will hopefully inspire some future artists. Although he was a one of a kind singer
R.I.P Ronnie James Dio
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this...this is not good..

R.I.P. Dio
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and i have yet to see the article in the news section of UG. hopefully it'll be front page tomorrow. when everybody already knows.
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Show him a warm welcome, let's hear some applause
RIP Ronnie James Dio. . . You are nothing less than a legend sir. . . I must say that you where lucky to experience the life that you had. . . Very few people have influenced other people the way Dio did and that makes him one of the greatest musicians that has ever walked the earth whether you like him or not.
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It's a sad day in the world of metal. Last time I heard he was on his treatment hence why Heaven and Hell were on hold.

Either way a legend is lost but never forgotten. Crank up Man on a Silver Mountain and lets rock for Dio
I'm not much of a metalhead, but this man was an icon. A real legend. He'll definitely be sorely missed by all of us.
RIP Ronnie James Dio
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^Oh for fu...

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I can imagine it now. Metal heads and those Westboro assholes in a fight to the death.
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