Hey all, So earlier this week I bought my new Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo from guitar center, and as far as I can tell its great. However, me being my paranoid self, am a little worried over the fact it was the only one they had (I called about 2-3 weeks ago and they didnt have any in stock, then a week later when i went to pick up a guitar they had this one on the floor. When I was buying it this past friday the guy gave me 60 dollars off but I didn't really care/think too much into it.

Now, my question is, should I have any worries at all about getting this amp since it was on the floor (for what I assume would have been no more than 2 weeks or less, but then again when I called asking if they had it 2-3 weeks ago and the guy said no, theres always the remote chance he was just dumb and missed it)
Nah, the tubes are probably a little worn because nobody lets floor models warm up before they play. Unless some idiot was really beating on it, thats all you really have to worry about.
Yea that's what I was assuming however, I feel really really stupid right now because I just found out I was turning on the amp incorrectly. Seeing as how the amp has two switches, one that says POWER and ON, an one that says STANDBY and ON, I was under the assumption that I had to flip the switch that said Standby to ON, and then after 30 sec-a few min switch the power switch to ON.

However, It is now that I realize i'm supposed to switch the power switch to on, and leave the switch that says standby pressed down to standby, and then after those 30sec-min flip it up to on. I don't notice anything at the moment wrong and I never once have heard a popping noise like some describe from turning tube amps on and off incorrectly, but again, should I worry about this at all seeing as how now I know what to do and won't do that again?
you'll be fine

there are plenty of tube amps that don't even have a standby switch. Just make sure your tubes are seated all the way down, never turn them (they pull strait out), and most importantly..............................have fun
Awesome , thanks a ton for the info, i'll try and post some pics of my current new rig at the moment (Gibson Explorer plus this baby, and I was lucky enough to come across a used Boss HM-2 for half of what they go for on ebay, but the AC adapter plug is messed up and makes it sound really muddy when an AC adapter is plugged into it, so batteries it is!)