yeah i am thinking of buying a second wah. one in front of my big muff and one for after it. i like the kind of subtleness of the wah before the muff and i love the gritty sound of it after the muff. so my question is does anyone have expeirence with this kind of chain? or does any one "popular" set it up this way?
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go for it bro. buy a different kind of wah for some versatility. for an example, have a vox for blues, and a dimebag for metal, etc. as far as "popular" people, frank marino probably did something like that in his time. he had a crazy rig.
I don't see the problem. It would be just like a 2 normal setups unless you are using both at the same time... that'd be cool... 2 wahs at a time... gunna go try it now
I'm gonna try it when I next get the chance... My weeping demon's at the lockup, which doesn't help me xD
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