Very soon, my band is playing in a graduation party for a friend of ours. One of the songs they want me to play is the Star Spangled Banner. I work at an amusement park as a games kid (Im the guy that scams you to spend money on ring toss or a free throw shot)

We have a game where one of the prizes are cheap, no name branded guitars. I was wondering would it be worth it to get one, replace the pups, strings, block the trem, and then destroy it on stage? The guitar will be like 30 bucks to buy. Its Plywood, with sharp frets and a very cheap trem. I would make it playable of course upon getting it

But If it is, what should I replace everything with? Unless I use cheap parts, they may be going into a modded Mexi strat project Im planning so hopefully something decent sounding.
EDIT: I recommend you don't mod it.
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Well... why not just get one and destroy it as is?

Replacing the pups, strings and blocking the bridge will only cost you what, $150?
I could do that I guess. But that will be something Ill consider later down the road. The neck will probably be broken by the end of the gig, and I dont think Itll be a guitar I want to keep for long as Ill have to virtually replace every single thing in it.
It might not even break right.

You'll have to loosen the bolts on the neck, probably loosen some screws on the body a touch, maybe take a couple chunks out of the body, put a crack in the neck...

You don't want to look like a fool trying to smash a guitar that won't break.
Maybe your right. It does sound like a slight waste of money. And Ill just break it as is.

It Will break. The neck is plywood too. It has a veneer over the back of it. Well looks like my thread is solved. Woohoo
Mod the pickup to at least get some decent sound out of it. Then destroy it. Chances are that you will be able to salvage them back intact.
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