Forgive my originality for covering 'the most covered song ever', but after seeing FMGuitars cover of it, I wanted to give it a go. So here it is, Yesterday!

Critique is very appreciated, for most of my friends just say 'good job' and well, while it is a compliment, it really doesn't tell me much on how well I did, or what my technique needs working on, so again, critique is very appreciated!
It has a lot of character. Great playing, I wish I could play fingerstyle that well.
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it sounds great! being a big beatles fan, love it. the bass is very prominent, warm tone but crisp highs, doesnt seem like you mess up anywhere that i could tell. changed the melody ever so slightly but the change worked (i think it was like, one note but who's counting).
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I loved !!! this made the day of this Beatles lover! so good, please give to my band some tips on improving to play like you, listen to some of our songs and give us an advice to play like you
link to our songs: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/livetwice/music/play837955