I am a huge fan of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and numerous other post grunge bands out now like Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. But sometimes to me their lyrics don't make sense and almost seem like they take random words and put them to a melody. Is this really how it works or do the lyrics really mean something to the writer?
A lot of Dave Grohls(foo fighter) songs are from dave's experiences or things he went through. Idk bout the other bands.
I play guitar.
If you really want lyrics that are out there, look at the band Yes. They're mostly written for the way they sound, rather than what they mean. And its a lot easier to write based on sounds when you're just jamming to something you wrote on guitar.
" A Mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido, yeah"

don't think he had much on his mind when he wrote that one.
I read in a Wikipedia article that Kurt would often use the Burroughs-style 'cut-up technique' for writing lyrics.

In a somewhat similar manner, David Byrne of Talking Heads would shout random noises and syllables over the music, and then replace those with words, so none of the songs really 'make sense'.

Food for thought.
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The key to the lyrics is sorta symbolism, with a random twist about somethin that happens . Firefly - BB is about friendship and about how one friend always ****s over another friend but regrets it and wishes he was more honest like his friend but in the end his own friend ****s him over. It's that sorta experience (Own Interpretation)
Kurt Cobain hit on the formula for writing great grunge lyrics (and Dave Grohl being in Nirvana, was influenced a lot by him). He took words that meant something, then changed them to sound good, even if the original meaning was lost. Also, he often wrote lyrics that meant nothing on purpose, to make a point. Smells Like Teen Spirit is a satirical take on teen culture exactly because it means nothing.
Listen to Dalas green or Matt Good. They can tell it how it is. Wish I could get the point accross this way. Making people feel emotion with notes is one thing but to add words that convey the same message is quite another.
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Actually I think He had too much Heroin on the mind

Thing is, there was a long section of time where he did very little heroin. Essentially from 1990 to 92 he didn't do a whole lot because things were going pretty well. It was only when it got into later 92,93,94, when things started to fall apart for him that he started doing it more again.
I like to see educated responses on here. thanks man. I have been through the shitty end of drug addiction though n I'll tell you that just because he wasnt doing much doesn't mean his thoughts got any clearer. Or the ability to express those already screwed up thoughts.some times that shit takes years. This forum has got my messed up head working though and I've gone back through albums that have been collecting dust for years and I understand alot more now. I can relate with alot of it actually. I no longer think he had a messed up brain so much as he was talking cryptically. He was expressing things in his life relating to his addictions and screwed up relationship with Courtney. Even as far as being scared to be a father and the joys of it at the same time. This is all stuff I didn't get when I was 16 17 in 90 91. now I do. now that I've been there and done that.
Now the question is was it cryptic cause he didn't want to scare away people away that didn't understand Heroin or was it just too fun to play those songs to mess them up with deep shit to make you think?
Please respond everyone!!! I want to hear Yer thoughts on this.
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Please don't put Grohl in the same category as those other bands.

Nobody wants to hear what you hate! We're here to learn and grow from/ and share helpful ideas and opinions with each other.
We are damn proud of you though. You win the award for ignorance this month. Why the Frig wouldn't we put Dave (a singer/songwriter) in a category with other bands that sing and play guitar?!?!?!?!?!
Were not talkin apples and oranges here. Were talkin about writing lyrics. Every body from David Boey to Ryan Clark(Demon Hunter) does it.
Why do you have to hate something just cuz it's not your particular thing?
Did your mother die in a car wreck listening to Sid Vicious?
What's yer particular Malfunction today?
Grow up!!!!
His songs structures are simple but the lyrics are not. Kurt would write lyrics at the last minute because he said himself that he was lazy, he usually put them together from bits of poetry that he wrote. Once again, just because he wasn't spending lots of time on his lyrics, or that he was outwardly trying to make it sound deep, doesn't mean they weren't. His lyrics do make you think.

And it's David Bowie, btw.