FS in the USA: Pedals - Subdecay, Keeley, Earthquaker Devices, Malekko, Tech21, etc.

Empress Superdelay - excellent condition w/box, paperwork, etc. $385

Hilton Lo-Profile Volume Pedal - not using this nearly as much as I expected to. Velcro'd. $265

Malekko B:Assmaster - silicon version, "swankbox" edition - swirly blue/green paint, low-frequency mod and expression jack for sensitivity control. $320

Tech 21 Boost RVB - analog reverb simulator, in great condition, with aluminum box, etc. - $115

Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper v.1 - the larger cooler enclosure. w/box - $135

Analog Sample Rate Reducer - Similar to the Bugbrand Bugcrusher, does the 8-bit-style sounds alright. Gold swirly paint. $110

Sitori Sonics Sitori Drive - awesome lowish-gain overdrive, very sensitive, very warm. I'm told it's similar to the Butah - $110

VHT V1 Valvulator Line Driver/Buffer/Power Supply - $135

Sobbat Phase Breaker - like new, w/box. $170

Subdecay Prometheus - green steam graphic, w/box. $190

Keeley RAT - $150

Ronsound Hairpie Classic - $90

Lovetone Ringstinger Clone - $315

And a Laney TT50 1x12 combo that I'd be willing to do for $650 shipped. It works great, beats a lot of Marshalls I've played, just never use the damn thing.

Lefty Alvarez Acoustic w/hardshell case - $175 plus shipping


Prices are shipped/paypal'd (gift) in the continental US. I'm open to reasonable cash offers.

Trades? I kind of want another Doomidrive and an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr. (standard model). BJFE Sea Blue EQ or Candy Apple Fuzz plus/minus cash would work also. That's really all.
is the Tech 21 boost rvb the old model (black) or the newer model (silver) with the trails button?