i dont want to buy a new pickguard to fit a humbucker so i was wondering what the hottest bridge pickup would be for a strat?
you could get a single coil sized humbucker, but i dont know what the hottest one would be. id look at seymour duncan to start.
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A hot SC still won't sound like a HB. A SC sized HB would be much closer to what you want.
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You can get pickguards for like $10-$20 online. Strat pickguards are the most reproduced pickguard out there so theyre almost a dime a dozen. I think there would be savings in swapping the pickguard and using a humbucker-sized humbucker..plus you would have a better sounding pickup and many more options. And it will look cooler. That's just my opinion of course.
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i use SD hot rails (single coil sized humbucker). i forgot how hot they are but the SD site said they're one of the highest output pickups they make. They sound pretty awesome to me, but i've never actually used many HB guitars so they may sound different from actual HBs.
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