Hello everyone, I'm new to the community, but anyway I've got a quick question.

I'm looking to buy a guitar so that I can begin playing and taking lessons, and as of right now I have 2 guitars that I'm looking at, the Yamaha F-310 and the Samick Greg Bennet D-1. I can get both for similar prices, and I wanted some advice on which will be better for me. I have never played before, and I have no idea which is a better guitar, so what do you reccommend? Thanks alot in advance!
yamaha by a long shot. i have a samick sitting in my living room (its borrowed from a friend) and lets just say this. i've offered to give it back to him, and his response is always something like "i dont want that garbage, keep it". i've had it for about two years now... and by me offering to keep giving it back... well, i think you get the idea of how "good" the guitar is.

on the other hand, yamaha's f series of acoustics are in my opinion THE BEST guitars you can get for less than $800. one of my bandmates owns two, and another close friend owns one (and he plays it more than his taylors and gibsons).