I have an old Fender Champ I bought back in the 80's. It's loud at 0. Does anyone make an attenuator small enough for a lower watt amp?

It has
2 inputs
headphone jack ( leaves your ears ringing at 0)
2 old stereo input jacks for a tape player. ( guess you could use them for a CD player now. LOL)
1 Line out.
1 twelve inch speaker.

This thing sings. Has a great tone to it. But I need to quit it down.
It sounds like an SS Champ. Therefore attenuators should not really be on your mind. If it's too loud for you at zero, just play unplugged. And attenuator size doesn't matter. Any that can handle a large amp can handle a small amp.
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Sounds like it could be a Champ 25? That's a Hybrid amp, 6L6 power section with solid state preamp. Or possibly a Champ 15? That's all solid state...

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It's all tubes It has one 6l6gc power tube and an all tube pre amp. I don't think Fender was making solid state amps back then.

Thanks jnepo1! I'll check them out. This thing has that same great sound of the larger Fenders.

Having trouble uploading pics. Will try again tomorrow.
jnepo1, checked out the site. Great selection of tubes and cool info and kits. I'm not skilled enough to put my own things together.

311ZOSOVHJH, checked out the site. Just what I needed! And not that expensive.

Thanks for the help everyone!