break from project which is done (for now). this came from a game.

Ars Poetica

And so Jade calls Grandma from aboard the turnpike;
She needs help staying awake.

Melissa and I way through the night,
brush wisteria where it crosses our eyes,
shouldering off petals where the path was too tight.

Timmy behind the backyard quiet
velcro shoes patter with light
chasing his brother and tired lightning flies,
but Alex, he finds morning far too bright,
so he braces for it in the pocket of bed and goodbye.

And if Maria should make it home on time,
catch our memories still static and conscious or alive,
I would wonder if the sun would make it up alright.

Then Melissa would rub her hip on mine,
and I would know Maria and her change will soon go away.
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Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
So pretty. You've got such delicacy and grace with your words. This felt like a twilight breeze.
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