We play mostly Acoustic Rock and Blues. We live near a very crowded village with a lot of restaurants and stores along the water. If we looked around, would people actually hire us as teenagers? thanks!
depends, go out and try.
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Yeah. Play at places. I've got a steady solo gig at a wine and cheese shop for the summer... Not that its my 'dream' venue...
The important thing is to not look like teenagers, be as professional as possible if you want to be playing in a restaurant.
I think it just depends on how good you are.
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Alright. We're gonna be in that area for a concert next weekend so we were planning on walking around. How much do you think would we make?
Don't count on getting cash... my band [now we are metal], has played 10 gigs, and have never been paid. Our next gig which is with national touring bands, might get us paid, but we don't expect it.

The experience, and getting known might be nice, and if the restaurants or bars bring you back, they might be willing to pay you because the crowd enjoys you.
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