I'm a decent guitarist I guess, I just have trouble playing in time all the time, as I ignored it a lot when I first started out. Anyone know a efficient way to change my bad habits?
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Metronome, and learn to subdivide

This is all that need be said. Also, subdivide more.
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I think a lot of it has to do with listening. If you focus only on what you're playing, you're gonna get off, simply because of human error. You have to make sure you listen to what's going on around you (something that helps is to make sure your beats line up with the drummer's. Try listening to the 1 and the 3 and make sure you're basing what you play off of that). I've found that the main cause (and solution) of playing out of time is not listening (and listening, respectively). Tap your foot to the beat of the song, it's a great tool to keep yourself on the same page as the rhythm section.

Unless of course you mean playing in time when playing alone. In that case, it's all about conditioning your mind to hear that metronome beat droning on in the back of your mind. Whether that means literally practicing a lot with a metronome or simply focusing on the tempo and making sure it doesn't drag or rush too much. Tapping your foot can help with this as well.
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I've found that the main cause (and solution) of playing out of time is not listening

Very true. If I'm recording and I forget to listen to the drums, I get off time very quickly.
So, use a metronome and feel the beat.
when listening to music, tap your hand or foot or head, and when playing do the same thing... its really good at building natural rhythm, and then practise with a metronome.
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The biggest mistake people make with rhythm is cutting the last note short at the end of a phrase which will lead to rushing. If a note is 2 beats long do you count 2 beats? No, you count 3 because you need to know where the note ends. It's like the little ticks on a ruler. You need 3 ticks to measure 2 units.