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Am I strong enough to bless the collapse
of our lovely writ story?
The structure and plot of a one sided tale
that turns and corrupts the very relationship
that has us both deceived.

I've been misled to believe
that I am the focal point of your existence.
I am the very being
that haunts your conscious thoughts that interfere
in the mist of the unconscious brain engulfing
the opposite symmetrical match.

But when this tale of false pretenses
is only visible in the perception of one observer,
can it be applied as reality?
"lovely writ"
dude, that's just not right. and that made it the high point of the read, at least for me. it's kinda fucked up and kinda cool, all at once.

The tone/voice is somewhere between a business letter to a compliant department and an existential introspective. But it works. I enjoyed it.
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