So i have a Traynor YCS50 which is perfect for what i normally play: jazz-rock
But i have been experimenting with other styles trying to expand my technical horizons so to speak... I'm getting into some Paul Gilbert type stuff to shape my pick hand up and get better at staccato... I need to know what i should do to get that "Wall of Distortion" metal sound without breaking down and buying a higher gain amp. I realize i probably need a distortion pedal but i have little to no experience with distortion pedals so i don't know what i should look into trying. Help?
The Traynor with a boost of some kind should get you pretty close. Paul has also used some dirt boxes in the past, mainly a Keeley Modded TS9DX, you could get one of them and also use it as a boost, or use it for distortion and get fairly close too.
Hit it with a boost. That's what I do with mine and I have no trouble getting a huge sound.