Braille is kind of indie, something I've been working on for a while now, the keyboard track isn't complete and I'm at a loss for vocals, might just end up as an instrumental or something.

Vorarephilia is another WIP, somewhat influenced by the Radiohead in the chord progression, its mainly just based on the cool bassline my band's bassist came up with, he likes messing around in higher registers and I think its a good start to a song.

The titles for both aren't set in stone, just working titles, so I may keep Vorarephilia as it could inspire some... Interesting lyrics, don't google image it though 0_o

C4C can be done, but please post a link or point to a song in your sig or something, I've had people expect C4Cs before and not have them leave a song to a review, somewhat silly >___>

GP4 can be provided if needed, but I figure most everyone has GP5 by now, right? Its been out for a while.
I've heard these two before from another user. Be honest, are you stealing these from someone else?
No you've heard a earlier version of Braille before, I've posted it, albeit I have two accounts >___> the other one is called AngryNoiseDude, I've posted an earlier version of Braille with that account but unless I'm forgetting I've never posted the other song anywhere else, I just wrote that part in the past few days, so I couldn't have.
I'm the same person as the OP, unless I (we?) have some type of split-personality type deal.

Also the chord progression in the second song was used in another song around these parts not to long ago, I'm using it in a different rhythm and dynamic though, so its not stealing, but it might sound familar if you had heard the other song, I'll see if I still have the GP file for it.
The rhythms and melodies is Braille is pretty annoying to my ears. The intro/verse riff is, I don't know put it any other way other then it sucks. The pre chorus sounds like a cluster **** of poorly picked chords and scales. The chorus is good, but lacks a punch or anything great. The bridges could be so much more with having the organ play a better melody then two notes back to back.

I'm sorry but I really didn't care for this song. 5/10.

Being a huge radiohead fan I loved Vorarephilia. It resembles Paranoid Android a great deal though... you might want to do more with it the melody to make it more original.
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