there is a sticky about this in the pit, for those wondering...
RIP Gooze

Aye. not much of A Sabbath dio fan but...
Hey was a great frontman and singer.
Rest in Peace Dio
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
Actually disgusted this isn't already front page news. Should be the only story up.

Rest Well Sir
Quote by Jody LeCompte
"My personal preference has always been for a rack unit. One less thing to play dance dance revolution with on your pedalboard"

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
The world has lost another metal god 1st dimebag now dio well we know he'd be up there pissin the gods of with his ROCK!!! \,,/ rip dio