Does anyone have any good sites or advice for how I could learn to read notatio in music as opposed to tab? My guitar teacher tried to teach me but he failed epicly...


P.s. preferably something free or avalaible to buy in aus...
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Easiest way to start is by doing, get some notation only books and start playing - if you're fluent in tab it shouldn't take you too long to pick up notation.

Also GP/powertab are pretty useful for learning stnadard
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The Christopher Parkening Art and Technique of the classical guitar books are great for laying a foundation, and teach you through learning classical songs. When you've learned how to read at a basic level, either keep learning classical songs, get a real book, or learn more contemporary songs through Guitar Pro. Depends on what style your playing.
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Get the first volume of the Berklee books, they will teach you to start playing with standard notation.
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Guitar Pro is the way. It will show you the music in Tablature and Notation.
Learn piano; to be honest, standard notation is a bit shit for guitar
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