Hi again from the noob,

I have got a basic pc soundcard, works fine for recording direct through pedal or DI box. But if i try mic anything up, i get a 'phasing' issue, where it starts to distort and sound like it's going through a chorus effect, even with stuff mic'd at low volumes. Now i know its only a basic pc soundcard, and i have read all the 'read this first' posts on recording, but question:

Is there any way to get around this with preamps or anything, save my poor ass some money? If not i guess i will need to upgrade the soundcard.
It's hard to figure out what exactly is set or going wrong without being at the computer to check settings myself however It sounds like your recording the monitor on the mic input.

In most OSs you have settings to turn this feature off. I don't think a preamp will help and so I would not bother with it....If anything, I'd save up for a lower end audio interface with on board preamp such as the M-Audio Fast Track MKII