how did you get it? because i have a hard time even trying to practice in my room within earshot of my family...
Singing is way more difficult in front of people you know, than in front of people you don't know. Try to sing somewhere else (where family or friends are not around) to some people and ask them what they think.
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yea i know what you mean, but i don't think confidence will come within that room like the other post said. although because u probably have to sing quietly, you can focus more on the smoothness, charisma, and individual accentuations of each vocalist more i find. i only gained some confidence in the last few months when im in a student house and ive started regularly visitng the microphone in our studio. once you listen to your voice at amplified volume you can really notice how awful yours is from the start and battle the confidence issue through experience. confidence isn't something people usually naturally have, you have to fight for it by fighting with and against urself, keep the dream in mind. before i was just exactly mimicking the vocals from songs but i found that once ur on a microphone where you have to keep everything exact, its hard to do emotionally, vocals really hit my emotions when i sing them from a half hearted "in the bedroom" thing like what ur doing to aiming to produce a great sounding voice with full heart. so then i learned to listen to my heart and add my own natural accentuations on the words in order to even get to the end of a song comfortably and properly. my advice, keep working on the details of the vocals you hear in your room, when the day comes when you reach a microphone and you go up to it and do "errrrr...ehm" and the pubescent voice is so evident, then thats when the battle truly starts, everyone is afraid at the start, but once u sing ur first song with full effort and you sound almost unrecognisable but much better and get that RUSH, thats the reward, thats the battle to win and the only way to do it is through your heart not through someone elses. keep practicing cos we all are
I totally understand
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I find that the best way to build up confidence in your singing is by gradually increasing the amount that you sing in earshot of your family.

Or you could try growing a pair, but that didn't work for me.
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try singing in front of your friends. I did, i didnt do SO bad but it could've been a lot better. Now when I sing alone, I sound a whole lot better. I'm still working on my confidence too and I really can't hold back when you sing Rhythm and blues kind of stuff
it's easier to sing if you are playing acoustic guitar along with it. that's how I built up my confidence, just sing w/ a guitar