Some guy is looking to trade his "Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II 700/50W" for guitars. May offer him my Schecter C-1+. Says he'll take the loss if he has too.
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well Gallien-Krueger is a good brand, but thats all i know

do a quick google search on it.
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That is definitely worth it. You can get better brands than GK but you should snatch up that offer RIGHT NOW. DO IT!!!!!!

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What you have to watch with GK is their lower end gear. Like Ampeg, you are paying for the name and not much else.

However, their higher end stuff is quite nice.
some bands who use gk are red hot chilly peppers(flea), dark tranguility, velvet revolver, avenged sevenfold, and tool. if you like that sound go for it! i would.
GK stuff is great as long as you get the higher end stuff. Make sure with that head you use one of the artist series cabs so you can use the bi amp feature cos it does make a difference in the tone.
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Take That Offer
^apparently i cant caps lock, but really thats an amazing deal. GK makes good stuff, and that amp is worth like twice as much as that guitar
As long as you stay away from the Backline Series, you'll be fine. The amplifier you mentioned in one of GK's top of the line products. Assuming it is in good shape, it should serve you well for many years.
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That's the head I use. I use it in conjunction with a GK 410BLX and a GK 115RBH.

EDIT: Erm, aside from the fact I use it, I'll say that I get a great tone out of that sucker I play a Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 and it definitely gets the range I need for playing rock/metal. I'm not really a gearhead and don't have a wide knowledge of brands, so this is just my personal experience.
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