Guys i'm in a dilemma...in about a month i am going to buy my first electric..but budget is low (200-250euros,for the guitar only)..

I have in mind the Cort G250 and the Epiphone G310..but i don't know which is the best..

As for my playing style i like to play soft rock and rock in general and progressive..so i guess that i need a guitar with a reasonable clean sound..!!

Please Help Me!!!
art100 is really a good idea but i think that i'll not be able to find it here in greece..and the next model (art120) costs about 300-350 euros :S
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have a look at vintage guitars, or at ibanez guitars

WOT?! vintage guitars are soooo high in price. ooh you meant the brand 'vintage'
'vintage' guitars

sorry had to say that
I've only held two G310s in my life, and like 6 Cort G250s, so don't quote me on everything.

To me, the G310 just felt cheap... like, it was trying to look like a more expensive guitar model, and that's pretty much all it did. The stock hardwares were kinda crap.

The Cort G250, on the other hand, felt okay. It's more versatile, for sure. It also features better hardwares, such as wilkinson VS50 II tremolo bridge, and bridge humbucker coil tap (the recent ones do... you'll find these features unless you are getting a really old one)

I'd go with cort
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Don't go for G-310. If you go Epiphone at this range go G-400.
Also check out Vintage V100 and Vintage Advance Av1 series.

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ibanez grg170dx, it won't let you down =)
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ibanez grg170dx, it won't let you down =)

hmm i have jammed with this guitar before(owned by a friend) and it's very good..i'd agree with you
thank u i have to admit it didn't have it in my mind
I'd say go with a Crafter Crown DX


Really good budget guitars.

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ibanez grg170dx, it won't let you down =)

Yes, it will.
Ibanez guitars are wonderful, however, not that particular series. Anything from the GIO / GRG series are terrible guitars.
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